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Date Format

mmer0mmer0 EuropeRegistered User
SiteLink seems to have changed from displaying dates in UK format (dd/mm/yy) to US format (mm/dd/yy) is there any way to change this back?


  • starwynstarwyn AustraliaRegistered User
    edited June 23
    I just received this email:

    Correcting the date format can be done by opening the Control Panel -> Region -> Change format to 'English (United States).

    However i don't seem to have that option on Sitelink and they can't surely be referring to the control panel on our PC. If so, mine is set correctly. I have emailed support.

  • PakemPakem AustraliaRegistered User
    Has anyone had any luck getting answers on this?  I don't have the control panel option either?
  • LilyOng7LilyOng7 AsiaRegistered User
    edited June 23
    My colleague found out - just change the language to English GB. 
    It'll then change the date back to DD/MM/YYYY

  • PakemPakem AustraliaRegistered User
    Thanks Lily - too easy!
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