eSign (Portable Storage) no pre-sale option to send

I finally got eSign working but am unable to send a lease to a customer prior to the storage unit being delivered. I sat on the phone with tech support and they were not sure if we had the capability to do this. The only way we can send a digital lease is through company, then clicking on forms. The problem with that is, these are all customer who have already received their storage unit. Is there any way around this?


  • MamaDuke7
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    The e-lease doesn't populate until the payment/rental is complete.  Until then, SL doesn't see them as a customer, and therefore can't create a lease.
    CAPSULE Registered User
    yup, no way around it. I ponied up $300 for annual DocuSign. Well worth it. much easier to search, use and manage than the sitelink version for portable. I created a template and send it to everyone when they reserve. Wish Sitelink esign worked better but there are a lot of work arounds for portable. 

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