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Turning Off the Online Rental Feature

JulieAtonJulieAton INRegistered User ✭✭✭
I have to disable this feature because I don't get any notification of an online rental.  I get automated calls for online reservations but there isn't a feature to notify of online rental.  The generic form/process doesn't ask the information I need and there isn't a way to alter it. I have spoke with tech support and they really don't understand the importance of the phone number of the alternate contact. 


  • storable_supportstorable_support TXRegistered User, Registered Moderator, Community Manager ✭✭✭
    Hi Julie. We're sorry for this frustration and definitely understand why it's burdensome. Our Support likely recommended this already, but I want to make sure you've received all the info possible, so please forgive any redundancy... You may want to consider requesting that your API integrator (the website developer) push notifications to alert you to online rentals. While it wouldn't trigger a phone call, it might help some. I've made sure that our Product Team has seen your feedback and understands the value of enabling such a feature in the future. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we can improve! 
  • JulieAtonJulieAton INRegistered User ✭✭✭
    How would push notifications work?  I get an email from SL of online rentals.  Most occur after business hours and on weekends.  I don't constantly check my email.  I don't have an API Integrator or Website Developer. 
  • storable_supportstorable_support TXRegistered User, Registered Moderator, Community Manager ✭✭✭
    Hi again, Julie. Apologies for my delay in following up with you on this and thanks for clarifying which product you're using, I mistakenly thought it was a custom website. It seems you are receiving all possible notifications available to you at this time. However, I extended this conversation with our team and this feature request has been added to the list of our planned improvements to support contactless move-ins. Thank you so much for your feedback! 

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