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Hello guys, I'm a backpacker. I'm planning for a three-month trip. I have been arranging all the essentials for it for the past three weeks. Everything seems checked. The only thing that still worried me is the safety of my valuables at home. I've some valuable files and documents in my house. It also not safe to carry that with me. My friend suggested self-storage services, but I have never used that service before. So I'm a little confused. Is it safe to store my valuables? It would be great if anyone could share their experiences with storage units. Any help would be highly appreciated!


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    I feel like this is a setup for a spammer to come in and advertise...But on the chance that it's not: Do your research for local facilities, check their ratings, ask your friends/family who they've used and pick a location/company you feel you can trust. There is always risk in storage, but thankfully a rental agreement is in place to protect you and the company. If they offer an insurance policy, get that. Not necessarily a protection plan, but insurance. There are also clauses in most rental agreements that limit the value amount you can store. Good luck with your findings 

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