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Why FindLocalStorage?

We’re on a Mission

FLS was created by some of the most successful operators in the business who were tired of overpaying for lead generation services from third party aggregators. Our Mission is to drive down lead acquisition costs by providing an operator empowering, lead generation platform.

Great ROI

One rental at your facility could more than pay for a whole year of participating on the FLS platform.

FLS Delivers

In 2014 alone, we delivered more than 200,000 phone calls to self storage facilities on our platform. Best of all, there is no middle man.  FLS calls are routed directly to your facility(s) or call center, allowing you to develop a relationship with your potential customers and sell your unique facility.

Best Practices

Your best interest is our business. We will never take over your free listings and direct them to our website. Customers searching for you by name should only find you, not an aggregator.  Your customers, and the corresponding rental activity, are your business. Our singular goal is to drive you incremental lead opportunities from shoppers who do not have a storage company in mind.

Live Rates

We can integrate with your Property Management Software. One time setup ensures that your rates are dynamically updated on your FLS listing. Listings with units and pricing information available on average see more reservations than those without. Don’t have a Management Software? No problem! The FLS dashboard allows you to add units and pricing and have easy access to update them.

Join Today

In less than two years we’ve added over 2500 facilities to FLS. Every day more self storage facilities join us which means better visibility for all and lower acquisition costs. There’s power in numbers.  Ready to join us?  Sign up Now for your FLS Listing

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