Moveouts after rent increase

Is there any way to track moveouts that occur within a certain period of time after a rent increase letter is sent?


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    Reports>Move-Ins & Move-Outs>Filter to show Move-Outs Only. From this point you can narrow it to time period, which you can choose Start and End Dates...Select the date you sent out your increases and you can use the current date to track until now.
  • AnitaJohnson1269
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    Download the Move Out report to excel, there are a lot more columns.  Scroll right and there is a columns for last rent change date. Delete the columns you don't need, filter, sort.  I would delete all but their name unit and move in, move out dates and the rent change.  Hope this helps. Exporting most reports gives you a lot more info. 
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    Great answers, @ESS and @AnitaJohnson1269 -- thank you both!

    There are three more ways to do this, @AlanKeller -- just pick whatever might work best for you! :)

    1. The 'Exit Survey' has "Rate Increase" as a reason for leaving and the Marketing reports can identify those.

    2. A custom report/query can easily find tenants who moved out within X days of their rate increase. This is basically what Anita's advice explains, but a report/query would be more focused and re-runnable.

    3. In Corporate Control Center, Tenant Increase Tracking report. This report will show the number of tenants who moved out before or shortly after a rate increase.

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