Why doesn't the tenant's credit card info migrate to an additional unit being rented?

When I move a tenant into an additional unit all of their information migrates except their bank card information.  When I get to the payment field and want to use the card on file it is not there.  If I cancel the payment to go and look up the info it will cancel the entire move in.  This really is a problem especially when the tenant isn't here or they don't have the info with them.   

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    Hi, @skc9220. @MamaDuke7's answer is correct; however, we'd like to provide you bot with a bit more info on this feature request. 

    We have heard requests to make it easier to tie an existing card-on-file to additional/new rentals. In particular, this is a concern for Storable Payments users as they cannot view the full card number in order to copy it themselves and therefore, must contact the tenant to get the card info. 

    The Product team has discussed this need and we wanted to share that it is on our shortlist of feature changes to be implemented. At this time, we cannot give a projection for the completion date but it's in the queue now. 

    I look forward to providing you with more info when possible - thank you! ~Amy C.


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    Depending on your settings, you may be able to finish the move in without a payment.  Then go back into the account and take the payment because the card will be there from the linked unit at that point.

    I know here, I can do it but the other employee can't because she has more restrictions and is required to take a payment to finish a move in.  (I'm the manager and she's part-time relief.)

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