Possible issues with Storable's new website conversions from StorEdge

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First item is just venting, I guess...
With the new website design, I can't show available units without giving viewers the option to reserve and / or rent the unit from the web page. We still prefer potential tenants to call us. Further, if I set it to allow rentals but not reservations, it still places a placeholder reservation that stays in our system (for a few days) if the potential tenant backs out of signing the lease online.

The next item seems to be more of a real problem. It seems that any tenant with a voided lease cant make payments online. The website informs them that they haven't signed their lease, even if they have a signed lease that supersedes the voided one.

I don't have a large enough sample size to verify that this is the cause, but for now it seems that way.

IS anyone else having issues with the updated websites?

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