Linking a Reservation to their Current unit

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So when a current customer reserves a unit online and I want to link it to their current unit - I go to the Sitelink map, find the blue reserved unit, double click, in upper right I Edit Reservation and in the Customer Name box I enter their Last Name and then Search.

Normally it will bring up say 4 lines.  Maybe 2 orange lines for previous times they rented, the blue current reservation and --- it should --- have the current account in black.  Which I would then double click this line and it would update the address information in the reservation and link the reserved unit to the current account.

Multiple times now for some reason it does not show the Black current account line. 
Why does it work with some customers but not ALL?!  I have gone back and added their first name, but even that doesn't change the Search.

So, then I have to get the customer moved into the new unit and alert my District Manager that I need them to link the 2 units together.  This is especially inconvenient when the customer is moving out of the old unit, and I need to roll over the credit from that unit to the new unit.

What am I missing here? Does it have something to do with Lease dates?

Also, how would this work if I were in MyHub? I can't seem to find where to link units there at all.  The map process doesn't work.


  • themage
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    You can use Lead to Lease in Myhub.

    The tenant search in Sitelink sometimes wont show some names. We have to try searching in different ways (first name, last name, partial name, etc.) until the right name comes up.
  • storable_support
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    When you search the tenant name there could be multiple statuses for the same tenant. There is a column on the search results that says current. If there is an X in that column, that tenant is a current tenant. myHub currently does not allow to change the name on the reservation. Hope that helps!
  • AKKathie
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    That doesn't work.  If the line is Orange and an X is in that line (normally orange means Cancelled) and you try to double click on that line to "link" the current unit and the reservation it thinks you want a new reservation for that person.
    It has to be a Black line with an X in order for it to work to link the current unit and the current (blue) reservation so when the customer does the move in online the 2 units are linked to their One account.

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