Exit Survey for Move Outs prompts selection prior to sending email

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I am trying to see if there is anyway for us to keep track of Exit Surveys that have been sent by my employees. 

Right now, when you go to move out a tenant, the system prompts me to select "reason for leaving" + "would you rent again" -before actually sending the exit survey email. 

Is it possible for me to edit the required answers on the move out page?

If the survey was sent and the tenant actually completed it, I found it will then update from my employees forced selections to the tenants true answers. However, I cannot find anywhere where it would show as proof of it being sent in general. (date/time)

My concern is that my employees (in some cases) would just complete survey themselves, and not even email the real one to the customer. I am just having trouble verifying if the tenant actually received the exit survey email, rather than just taking my employees word for it. 

Any help/input is appreciated.


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    Only thing I can suggest is to search for the tenant email address in your email server sent folder after printing your move out list for that month/week. My other suggestion would be to eventually move to hire employees that you can trust to send the survey; if they are being devious about this, what else are they doing behind your back? I don't know the specifics of how ours is setup, but we don't have to input anything upon move out. I'm guessing it's going to be somewhere in the CRM campaign letters/settings.
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    You could turn off the requirement for that to be filled out at move out.  Then the employees won't be prompted to go in and give answers when they are processing the move out.
  • DDP3
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    Ill check into the settings to see if I can find anything, thank you. In the past I swear I never needed to provide these answers before sending the survey lol. I always assumed a new update forced the change or something @ESS
  • tbaginski
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    We have the requirement for an exit survey turned off in Site Link.  We use our own survey through our facility e-mail address and I e-mail them to our tenants a few days after they move out.  We then have a log through our e-mail account of who received them as well as who responds.  Our rate of return is fairly low although they are always favorable.  I would say only about 25% respond to our survey.  But in all fairness, I personally don't respond to all survey requests either.

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