Grand Opening Ideas for New Facility

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We have a new large facility set to open in Delaware at the end of this year.

Can anyone recommend any new marketing ideas for our grand opening?

In the past we have done streamer flags, blow-up dancing guys, balloons, ribbons, etc.. -I am just curious if anyone has any other suggestions/more modern ideas to grab the attention of new customers? 


  • ChristineS
    ChristineS Registered User
    edited September 2023
    Make sure on-line rentals are set-up so people can rent 24/7. Make sure your site is set-up to show on internet searches, use a professional on line marketing company, it is well worth the expense. Contact nearby apartment complexes & realtors to be sure they know your business is open, they would have knowledge of people moving to refer them to your business.  When we opened a new facility a few years ago, we only made a few units available at a time, so the website would show "only 3 left" on each unit size. (monitor this closely) Customers saw an urgency to rent now. Strategically make available units apart, not next to each other. More people then you can imagine will go to the wrong unit. Keep master locks on other vacant units that are not available to book through the web site/on-site to avoid potential move-in to wrong units, or trash left in a vacant unit. Good luck!

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