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What does it cost to use [Sellers] [FAQ] NAStorageAuctions-com Moderator
edited April 2017 in

What does it cost to use


As a seller, is free to use for the most part. The only time a seller is ever charged by Storage Auctions is in the event of a canceled auction. There are membership plans available that will help reduce the fee from canceling a unit if you anticipate having multiple cancellations. Cancellation fees for a free membership are $20.00 per unit canceled. See membership plans for reduced rates.

Free Membership Features:

  • List your locations in the location directory, advertise on social media
  • Post Notifications about offline auctions you will be hosting at your location
  • List Online Auctions for free* $20.00 early cancellation fee
  • Manage Multiple locations, managers
  • Get rewards, Earn cool Stuff

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