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Other than using keywords, are there specific eSign Lease Language Requirements?

We are trying to get our facility setup with eSign and we are trying to find out of other facilities now using eSign use specific language pertaining to the electronic lease and signature or can our normal lease work. In other words, do we have to add language to our lease explaining this is an electronic lease and we are using electronic signatures? I'm not sure if any of that made sense!

Best Answer

  • JoeyJoey PARegistered User
    Accepted Answer
    Hello sselfs6601, the esign lease does not require any other language, only the keywords. Of course you may edit the form to your liking, but as for being able to use it, you will just need to enter the keywords where you need them on the form.


  • sselfs6601sselfs6601 CARegistered User
    So we don't need to have a disclaimer stating the customer is signing an electronic document? That is good news! Less to adjust. Thank you so much!
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