Turning a LEAD into a TENANT

pioneer Registered User
I just wanted to share something that really works at my facility. When obtaining a new leads email info, I like to personally send them pictures of our facility. That has really helped turn a lead into a tenant as they feel I really took the time to show them excellent customer service! Does anyone have any other ideas to share?


  • LenorahDurel
    LenorahDurel Registered User
    That's a great idea. We send a link to the google tour of our facility from our website. The google tour was worth the price, especially to capture those potential tenants moving from out of town. Many see the facility in person for the first time at move or after if a company moved them in. It's great to hear from a happy tenant how everything is what they expected.
  • ThriftyStorage
    ThriftyStorage Registered User ✭✭✭

    Where do you get your leads from?

  • pioneer
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    edited May 2017
    Most of our leads are from people using google and the other is drive by. :smile:
  • ThriftyStorage
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    when I sold cars we use to buy leads. I suppose that is totally different in Self-Storage.
  • Orkocean
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    In a way you can "buy" leads with sites like sparefoot in a sense, outbid your competitors to get to the top of the page and better chance you're getting the lead. Although you usually end up paying more to sparefoot than you make off of the customer in the long run...

    I've always found referrals to be a significant source of rentals at my sites, sometimes accounting for up to a 3rd of a months rentals. If you have a good referral program set up some customers really take to it. I had one at my first store I ever ran who had 6 referrals in 3 weeks of moving in. I finally asked one of the ladies how she knew him and she said she didn't really "know" him. They were both at a Whataburger and he was a chatty Kathy type who talks to everyone and during their convo it came up she needed storage and he sent her our way.

    On a side note... Thrifty i'm curious how did the car sales buying leads go? I sold cars for a few years for Ford and ended up running the internet department for the dealership, we never had anything like that brought up. This was 2008-2010 when it was a bad time to be trying to sale anything unfortunately. I did learn that "freebie" days such as hot dog cookouts and such pretty much brought nothing but freeloaders who never truly want anything to do with what you're trying to sale though.

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