Report with Days Occupied?

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So, I am gathering the data to calculate my customer average lifetime value, and I can't find a report that shows the number of days units have been occupied. I KNOW it exists, I think I am just experiencing Monday morning brain issues. LOL.

If someone could *please* point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it LMAO.

Thank you.


  • Drew_Scadoo
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    I believe what your talking about is in "reports" and under the "Payment History" will show you how many times a tenant has paid
  • AnitaJohnson1269
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    Look at the Marketing History.  It will have a breakdown of average tenant stays.  1-2 months, 2-3, etc
  • MamaDuke7
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    I answered on the other forum, but I will put it here, too, in case anyone else wants to know.

    You can run a Rent Roll report into Excel and put in a calculation that will give you this info.

    Open the report in Excel, add 2 columns at the end. In the first, put in today's date for all customers. In the next, the calculation is the field with today's date - Column AF, which is the rental date. The calculation should be re-formatted as a number, not a date, and that will give you the number of days in the unit as of today.
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