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Misalignments between the business and the customer are rooted in old marketing practices (established pre-internet). Today’s customer demands a modern approach.

The internet is the first media to empower the audience. With customers in control, the business can no longer force them to obey. In web marketing this is called Push-Pull. Traditional media pushes, modern media pulls.      

The Act of Controlling
This approach doesn’t work well on the web. If you frustrate the user they will leave your site. Or, if you force your objective on the user and ignore what they want, they’ll move on. It’s a very harsh environment for the selfish marketer. But for those who do care about their customers the web is a wonderful place. Don’t be pushy.    

The Act of Attracting
Understand the customer. Listen to them. Lead them to their ideal solution. If you’re not the best result, don’t fake it. Your sole option is to put the work in and become their desired output. The only one fooled by tricks and gimmicks is the selfish marketer scrambling for more customers. 
Kevin Romo-Leon
Marketing Communications Director
"How Storage Customers Think About Things"

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