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kromoleonkromoleon NAAutomatit Moderator
Often times, the customer’s lifestyle has been shaken up. During a frantic state of misfortune or uncertainty, they deserve some compassion.

A major life event often triggers a customer’s search for self-storage. For the majority, the need for a storage unit comes during a demanding transition. Sometimes these events are negative: Financial hardship, loss of a home or a break-up. Other times the change is positive: An addition to the family, a new business or a college semester away from mom and dad. Regardless of the customer’s motivation for ‘more space,’ these lifestyle changes are rarely free from chaotic emotions.

A customer’s disorderly state deserves special attention. The hassles of driving too far, paying too much and wasting time packing are amplified. They probably deserve a hug. At the very least you can inspire the customer with a convenient, supportive process.
Kevin Romo-Leon
Marketing Communications Director
"How Storage Customers Think About Things"


  • ThriftyStorageThriftyStorage NARegistered User ✭✭✭

    The problem that I see in self-storage operations is that we try to put ourselves in the customers position and remove every sting of moving from the process. You can't! When I moved from Georgia to Pensacola I had no problem with Uhaul or the storage company. You no what? It still was a burdensome process. That is life! I had a customer the other day tell me that she was trying to save money. Moving is not the time to try and save money!!!!

  • OutboxCharOutboxChar NCRegistered User, Daily Operations Certified ✭✭
    I am not sure I agree. I think we are needed to make sure the process goes as smoothly, at least for our small part, as possible. Price is price, if they don't like what you charge they can and will go somewhere else, so you have to sell your property to them while they're there, and make sure they understand while you might be more expensive, you offer the best value b/c of security, location or whatever. Being in their shoes helps them make the emotional decision that they like you and trust you to keep their stuff safe. My opinion only.
  • ThriftyStorageThriftyStorage NARegistered User ✭✭✭
    edited October 2017

    We have outdoor parking, and we charge $30.00 a month. Do you know that people still want to talk you down or they'll say," I'm going to keep looking around." I tell them that you will not find a better price. I do very little quibbling these days!

  • ThriftyStorageThriftyStorage NARegistered User ✭✭✭

    One more thing, even if a person is starting a new job and moving is still is a pain!
  • TamHerreraTamHerrera TXRegistered User
    Moving is not fun for anyone including storage managers when we need to. I try to be empathetic not sympthetic. I do get just a little irritated when we go through the start up price prior to starting the lease and we get to the payment screen then the just realize they don't have the money! ??? Oh well, that's part of the business. 
  • teamcapitolateamcapitola CARegistered User, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified, myHub Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2019

    Or the "major life event" is their meth lab exploding, prompting an eviction and the "disorderly state" is actually withdrawals and paranoia as they pull up laden with trash bags of dirty clothes and a story of how unfair everyone's being and why don't we have first month free and 24 hour access!

    oh and there's power in the unit right?

    There's that too.

    Kidding aside (although this was a true story), I agree that we want to be empathetic and supportive; its why we are in the service industry to begin with!

    But lets not be naïve about it; Always be nice & supportive, but watch for the "flags" of people trying to take advantage!

    Storage facilities are like Hotels/Motels... You can find a $20 a night flophouse...but do you really want to sleep there?

    If you offer the best security, or the cleanest facility, you charge a premium for it ... period.

    I've developed a callous over the last 8 years.

    A recent one was the nice "down on his luck" person the local church was paying for... great guy, followed the rules and was very polite...until we caught him literally sawing the metal ceiling and walls of his unit to sell for scrap!!

  • JamesStorageJamesStorage MORegistered User ✭✭✭
    I am in two minds. We need to be empathetic, but we also need to be firm. I had one person who was looking for a unit because he had just been laid off from his job. My first thought was to wonder how he planned to pay for the unit past the first month.
  • JamesStorageJamesStorage MORegistered User ✭✭✭
    @teamcapitola I bet that one made the do not rent list!
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