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We are expecting hurricane Michael to impact Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas.

In anticipation of possible power outages and flooding, SiteLink will be operating under our inclement weather procedures starting at 12:30 EDT on Thursday, October 11th to help keep our employees safe. At that point, please email [email protected] and our customer support team will respond to your email. Depending on the severity of the storm in NC, you may experience a longer than usual wait for a reply.

For emergency support where you are unable to do business, please email [email protected] Also, please subscribe to for service status update notifications. Thank you, and please stay safe.
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kromoleonkromoleon NAAutomatit Moderator
Be specific about the customer group you’re serving. Understand their individual needs and prove you are their best solution.

Customers want storage that fits their specific style and need.

Instead of going after the market as a whole, it’s better to focus on the groups that you can serve at a higher level than the competition.

Most storage facilities don’t position their brand in the market to maximize market share...and they miss out BIG.

The Objective of Positioning:
Create a clear, unique, advantageous selling point in the consumer’s mind. Differentiate your product from your competitor. And finally, determine which market niche to fill.

Kevin Romo-Leon
Marketing Communications Director
"How Storage Customers Think About Things"
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