How does marketing impact occupancy?

Marketing can help increase your net operating income (NOI) despite what the market is doing by giving your company better leads, increased occupancy, and longer tenancy. If your self storage facilities are missing out on valuable occupancy, consider revamping your marketing strategy with these 5 simple marketing truths.


  • ThriftyStorage
    ThriftyStorage Registered User ✭✭✭
     Marketing in the right avenues are very important. We are a lock way from leave a card on a bulletin board. Get on Google!!!!
  • Prime
    Prime Registered User
    Thrifty is right, almost everyone is online. Google is a very large power piece for R.O.I. (its the new phonebook)
  • weedpuller1
    weedpuller1 Registered User
    How do you do google online
  • brownrooster
    brownrooster Registered User ✭✭✭
    Marketing is EVERYTHING!  BUT Marketing is not a synonym for advertising.  Think about it this way, if you were to invite your Pastor, or your boss, boss over for dinner.  What would you do first?  Would you invite them?  Or would you, rather, make sure you had suitable food on hand, had a warm and welcoming environment, had things in order, had space for them, had done a thorough cleaning, etc.  Then and only then would you extend the invitation.  Many people get so hung up on marketing's public face, "advertising" that they forget the other stuff which is where attraction, closing deals, referrals, retention, etc. comes from.  (Those are far less expensive than getting new folks to buy-in).   So, yes, absolutely, advertise...pursue SEO and SEM routes on google (and other sites).  Be an active participant on Social media...not just to advertise.  But do that secondarily once all of your other marketing is done.  Oh, and don't be afraid to put a business card on a bulletin board, especially if that is how your target demo communicates. It's old school, but old school things got to be old school because they worked.
  • opinions
    opinions Registered User
    edited June 2021
    Thank you very much for this list of truths. In fact, I was thinking about getting my products ready to order some marketing services. Of course, they themselves will develop a plan for which it is worth working, and they will tell me in consultation what services would best suit my site, but still, advice like yours helps to understand better who and why I am going to contact shortly. I need to learn more about SEO to understand everything. By the way, I work with T-shirts, a lot of interesting prints. I think I have a large number of competitors. That is why it is better to raise me to the top of search engines and buy ads on Facebook and Google.

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