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Good afternoon!  Could SiteLink consider creating a receipt compatible with our Epson receipt printer?  We've been able to minimize the amount of paper we use and it's more economical for us to print a smaller receipt, but with the current form receipt configuration it leaves off details of the receipt. If anyone has figured out a workaround for this, please enlighten me!  I'm still working on figuring out how to do it, but a little help would be great!  Thanks! 


  • Garrett_BooneGarrett_Boone NASiteLink Tech Support, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭
    Hi @brandim156

    At this time SiteLink is not compatible with receipt printers. You can customize your receipt form by shrinking the content to a smaller space on the page, but our keywords that display itemized tables on the receipt are formatted for a full page. 
  • SSSMSSSM CARegistered User

    Is there a way to use the signature pad to be able to sign a receipt and the email them a copy.  Like we do with our Leases?

  • brandim156brandim156 GARegistered User
    Hi @SSSM ,
    Instead of physically printing our receipts, I print them using our Adobe program and have the tenant sign their credit card receipt from there.  I save our receipts to a folder on the desktop and if the tenant wants a copy, I print it out for them!  I do the same for all of our leases.  Hope this helps!

  • brandim156brandim156 GARegistered User
    @Garrett_Boone thank you for answering my question!  Is this something SiteLink developers could put into development in the future? It sure would help!  Thanks!

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