Deleting charge after end of day

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A tenant's payment was accidentally put into the system for more than what they paid...the payment was $101.00, but instead $1,010.00 was entered.  This caused the system to add charges for the assumed prepayments.  The payment was deleted and corrected and an end of day was done.  Now the charges still exist, and I can't delete them due to closing out the day.  My solution was to use the credit option, which zeroed out the charges, but now it says that the tenant is paid thru 9/15/2018...they should show that the are paid through this month.  I can't find any help on this problem.


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    Edit charges and manually add rent charges for those months that were credited off. 
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    I have been putting  together a manual for my employees and while watching videos and taking the class, I found this ......

    How to delete a payment after a daily close has occurred

    (Removing a payment because it was posted to wrong tenant or a payment entered twice)

    Adjustments > NSF Payment Reversal > then select the account which has the payment that needs to be removed.

    • Select receipt you want removed

    • Under the process menu at the bottom right be sure the “Reverse Payment” box is checked. This avoids any additional fees that don’t need to be added if correcting a mistake.

    NOTE: For a formal NSF (check returned by the bank) make sure  “Add NSF Fee” is check marked. If the tenant is past due on their account be sure to check off “Add Late Fee”

    • Click “Process to flag the payment as NSF and add charges” that is highlighted in red.

    The payment has now been removed and leave any charges that must be paid

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