SpareFoot and SiteLink Merge with storEDGE [press release]

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AUSTIN, TEXAS, August 30, 2018— storEDGE, a cutting-edge technology organization, is now part of the SpareFoot and SiteLink self-storage technology family, backed by Cove Hill Partners.

storEDGE brings a host of best-in-class products to the existing offerings of SpareFoot and SiteLink, including marketing websites, online rentals and cloud access control tools, in addition to their property management software.

The combined platform, with CEO Chuck Gordon at the helm, will continue to support and invest in all three products and organizations, working to develop new top-notch solutions and more seamless integrations so storage operators can operate more effectively. Dan Miller will remain as President of storEDGE. 

“Our goal is to build an all-inclusive technology solution for storage operators,” stated CEO Chuck Gordon. “The storEDGE brand has a strong reputation and is an obvious choice to help us further realize that vision. SpareFoot, SiteLink and storEDGE will continue to work closely with our customers to solve their self-storage challenges with technology. This combination will eliminate any existing restrictions between our platforms, to the benefit of operators.”....

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