Follow Up Dates are jumping all over the place!

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So in the past our company did not utilize the Follow Up date box and just deleted it and left it blank.  Now we have developed a new protocol on a set date that we need to Follow Up with the reservation customer.  Unfortunately, by some glitch during an update or something, when you open a new reservation customer and change the dates in the Needed, Follow Up and Expires boxes and then go to change their Unit Discount month (and various other scenarios), SiteLink just randomly jumps the Follow Up date from what I just put in there to today/tomorrow's date.  It will even do it if the store goes in to a reservation to just look at the notes and then closes out, instead of leaving the date as our reservation team put it, Sitelink changes it from something like 3/25 to 3/12 (that day's date).  

This totally messes with our new protocol which is what the To Do's that generate for the reservation team are based on.  I even had SiteLink's Tech team remote into my computer to watch it happen in real time.  His best answer was that as soon as I put in the Follow Up date I wanted to just hit Save and then continue with what I was doing.  He also stated that he knew already that if he submitted it to the geek developers that they would just say there is a workaround so they wouldn't be doing anything to find and correct the glitch in the program.  He said he would submit the ticket but I shouldn't get my hopes up.

This is Very Frustrating as now I have to check 14 different stores every day to be sure the Follow Up dates are current per Our new protocol not Sitelink's version of what our protocol should be to Follow Up with our customers.

Has anyone else noticed what I'm talking about?  Maybe if more of us call Tech Support and file a ticket then they will go in and fix the glitch!


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    I tested it out with a current reservation and then added one to test it, but didn't have any of those issues. Hope they get it resolved for you soon!
  • AKKathie
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    Just wanted to follow up with this.  During one of SiteLink's Updates the problem was mostly fixed.  I am still finding many Follow up dates changed when a store goes in to look at the rez and then Exits out without watching.  Also, still if you open the rez, change dates, then go to change the discount mo and then go back to Schedule - the Follow up date is changed back to today's date.  So we have all tried to just be sure before we Exit to make sure the dates are set to protocol.

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