ACH Payments and "Internet" Payment Type MISSING after update.

After the update last night (July 28, 2021), I am no longer able to post payments using the payment type "Internet". We accept PayPal payments on our website, and I can't post them. The option is still set up under acceptable payment types in the Company Defaults screen.

Also since the update CRTL-SHIFT-H no longer brings up the ACH payment type in the payments screen, so we can't to do those either.  HELP!


  • MamaDuke7
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  • storable_support
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    Thanks for flagging this for us, @MamaDuke7

    Hi @YevetteM. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. PayPal transactions can be processed through MyHub.  You won't need to use the hot key. Please run a live update and you'll be able to take ACH payments just like you take all other payments:

  • YevetteM
    YevetteM Registered User
    I just ran Live Update again. The ACH payment option is still missing, so is the "Internet" payment type. I did speak with several people in Support on Thursday, they got into my machine and observed the problem. They acknowledged it is a bug in the update, and some people aren't seeing the same things we are. It's not just on my computer either. The "bug" is company wide, with it happening on 5 computers that have it installed. We can not take any ACH payments or post an Internet payment.  I will look at MyHub, we don't normally use that, but we may need to until this bug is fixed. We need the desktop version working, and MyHub is not a long term acceptable solution.
  • storable_support
    storable_support Registered User, Registered Moderator, Community Manager ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi, @YevetteM. I know Brittney has been in touch and is helping you.

    If anyone else is reading this thread and experiencing similar errors, please give our Support a call and we'll help! 919-865-0789, Option 2

    Thank you, Amy C.

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