Credit on Account/Reverse Late Fees & Administrative Fees (2 similar issues)


1. Just learned a tenant is deceased and a sister stopped paying for the unit. His daughter called to check balance and pay once she found out her aunt stopped paying -for 8 MONTHS. No one told her. I'd like to at least reverse the late fees but how do I do that. She'll pay the balance and monthly rent herself going forward.

2. Just changed customer service teams/call centers and learned the prior promised reversal of administrative fees due to a mix-up when renting his units. He called new team to say he hadn't received his refund yet. He's moved out and paid up. How do I reverse fees? I assume I may need to send him a check vs refund to CC. Thank you. 


  • AnitaJohnson1269
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    On the first one, you should have a check box on the payment screen to waive the late fees and any other fees. I don't have any with fees, they shouldn't be grey'd out if there is a fee.  I believe you can even remove theses even with a $0 payment.   
  • ESS
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    edited June 2022
    If it hasn't been paid yet, go into the Edit Charges & Payments, select the fee under Credit, and type in the credit amount for each one. For the current month's ones, you can do as Anita showed.
  • storable_support
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    Yes, @ESS and @AnitaJohnson1269 are correct. If the fees are still unpaid then waiving/crediting them is the way to go. If any of the fees have already been paid then issuing credits toward rent charges is the best way to go. It is possible to refund admin fees by treating them as merchandise refunds -- you would just find the receipt, "return" the fee, and process the refund. A check instead of a credit card refund is usually best as well.

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