Credit Card Disputes; phoned in payments

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We have had an increase in credit card disputes recently - What is your guys policy as far as taking a rent payment over the phone?

Do you require any sort of account authorization prior to taking their CC info? And does that card that's being used have to match the actual tenant?

Or do you basically allow anyone to call in and pay on whoever's account? My only concern being that we would not be able to get a signed receipt from whoever actually paid it.

Any help is appreciated.


  • BusyProperties
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    A lot of people will come at me for this but I take payments from whomever is calling in. I ALWAYS put a note in of who called, who they are to the tenant, the # they are calling from as well as any other info they may share. Most are boyfriends, girlfriends, moms, dads, etc. I have never had anyone come back and dispute. If I did, I may change my process. I know others require a form to be signed. 
  • DDP3
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    Currently I accept every payment no matter who calls it in lol - You give me your unit # or last name, i tell you the amount and collect payment (also confirm zip code, since system does not require to enter actual name on card). Most of the time the person calling in to pay will not even specify that they are not the tenant, but they know the #/last name for me to bring up the account.

    I am just curious and assuming that anyone who pays for someone else's unit would actually win if they decided to dispute, do you agree? @BusyProperties
  • BusyProperties
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    Since I have never had it come up, I cannot say BUT in the past I have had a tenant dispute a charge. We have never required a wet signature for autopay, just the verbal "yes" that we put into notes. I sent in copies of my notes & won. I put a note in every single time I speak to, text, or email someone regarding a unit. Just in case :) 
  • helenatim
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    I will generally take a payment from anybody on any account. If they dispute the payment later, I will just add the amount back on to the account plus any late fees.  We have very, very few credit card disputes.  Maybe one or two a year.  Take the money!
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    We also take payments from anyone, in person or over the phone as storable now requires us to get the CVV code to process the payments.  If it is not the tenant paying I do note the account with the person's name, phone #  that is making the payment.  The only time we require a signature is for autopay, if they want to set up autopay by phone, we require them to either send us an email or text giving permission to turn autopay on so we can print it and put in their file or if they set up autopay on our website, once we get notification we print the email.   As far as I am aware, we have not had any payment disputes.
  • ESS
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    If they want to make phone payments, it has to be with a card they've put on file and signed an authorization for. They can also send us an email with the card info, but it has to come from the tenant's email address we have on file. To-date, we have won every dispute made due to having that on file. If they don't want to put one on file, they can pay online or in-store.
  • AnitaJohnson1269
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    "This call may be recorded for quality assurance."  Our incoming calls are recorded and I can pull them up on my pc at any time. I haven't had a dispute in 5 years, but if I ever do, I have the voice recorded transaction as extra back up.  FYI we use CallCap 

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