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Tip of the Week: Accentuate the Positive [Blog]

SarakumarSarakumar CAReputation-com Moderator
edited April 2017 in

When a customer complains about your brank or one of your locations in a social post, don’t ignore it. A well-crafted response addressing the reviewer’s concerns can turn it around in your favor.In fact, according to PeopleClaim, 95 percent of unhappy people will return to a business if an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.If you see a negative post about your business, respond in a way that demonstrates a commitment to improving the customer experience. For example, you can mention you’re using feedback from online reviews and customer comments to improve service levels. Taking this approach may help turn a negative opinion into a positive one.

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  • CarrieLacyCarrieLacy TXRegistered User
    Advantage Storage receives over 99% positive reviews & at our location in McKinney, TX we have found that exit interviews work quite well.
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