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Paul Darden Company: How CallPotential streamlined operations from top to bottom[Video] [Case Study]

holly_fiorelloholly_fiorello NACallPotential Moderator ✭✭
edited April 2017 in CallPotential

Paul Darden Company, a Top 50 Operator in the self-storage industry with more than 60 self-storage facilities, traded outdated pen and paper methods for CallPotential to improve manager relationships and streamline operations from top to bottom

Paul Darden Company, a Top 50 Operator in the self-storage industry that has managed more than 60 self-storage facilities across Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, uses CallPotential to increase productivity, save time, and empower managers to close more leads and provide unmatched customer service.
Laura Stuart, a Regional Manager for Paul Darden Company and self-described “creature of habit,” was reluctant to adopt CallPotential for tracking and managing her locations. It wasn’t until she saw how beneficial the system could be for not just her role, but also her site managers, that she finally quit her pen and paper methods and adopted the CallPotential tool lineup.

“CallPotential has brought a lot to what I do at the manager level and at the corporate level…”

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