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CallPotential increased Iron Guard Storage rental closing rates by 15% [Case Study]

holly_fiorelloholly_fiorello NACallPotential Moderator ✭✭
edited April 2017 in CallPotential

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Regional Manager credits CallPotential with a 15% increase in Iron Guard Storage closing rates in first six weeks.

National self storage operator Iron Guard Storage operates 22 locations in Nevada, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Washington. Regional Manager Alan Jameson found CallPotential’s Lead Manager while looking for a more efficient way to process inbound and outbound calls.

Never Miss a Follow-Up

While most storage operators manage the initial call well, the task of following up tends to clog the sales pipeline. Leads are easily lost or forgotten, lowering the sales ratio due to simple human error.

CallPotential’s lead management, call recording and automatic follow-up reminders eliminate lost leads and ensure multi-channel follow-up communication is sent at specific intervals. Iron Guard can remotely track the progress of leads at each location for total control of his sales pipeline across the nation.

Simplify Manager Tasks

Site managers appreciate the targeted training benefits—and that the system would hold customers accountable to previous phone calls. The benefits Lead Manager has on site manager’s daily operations and closing ratios, have outweighed any initial hesitation of managers having their calls recorded.

Iron Guard Storage has integrated CallPotential into their onboarding process, allowing regional managers to customize training for each new employee. With all calls recorded, regional managers can listen to specific calls and add notes to reward good work and address areas of improvement.

“It is a software, not just an answering service….they’re just phenomenal.”

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