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EMV Equipment Needs

brandim156brandim156 GARegistered User
edited June 2017 in SiteLink Merchant Services
Do you know when SiteLink will be allowing new equipment to be integrated into the program to allow for EMV cards?  What credit card equipment can be used? 


  • Sheryl_ScottSheryl_Scott NCSiteLinkMerchantServices Moderator, SiteLink Employee ✭✭
    Great question. SiteLink is actively working with two of our marketplace partners, SiteLink Merchant Services and OpenEdge to provide an integrated EMV solution. Equipment will be purchased directly through these merchant providers.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to message me directly.
  • storageman24storageman24 FLRegistered User
    You currently can take Emv cards using open edge?

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